The Mogollon Indians are yet another group of Native Americans that originally settled in Arizona. It is believed this culture evolved fromt the Cochise culture around 300 B.C. They too, disappeared around 1400 A.D. In this exploration you will study the Mogollon Indians. You will learn where they lived, how they practiced their religious ceremonies, important features of their culture, and what happened to them. To complete this activity link to each site below and read to find the answers to the questions.

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1. Where did the Mogollon Indians live?

2. What were their houses like?

3. What are the 3 things that the Mogollon Indians are believed to be the first to do?

4. Why did the Mogollon Indians choose to build their villages along streams or behind ridges?

5. What were the largest structures in the village and what purpose did they serve?

6. What is another name that the Mogollon Indians are sometimes called?

7. How did these people originally get their food?

8. What group did the Mogollon Indians mix with?

9. Name 3 tribes that were influenced by the Mogollon Indians. 

Created by Connie M. Bush
Last Revised May 22, 2012